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The home furnishings industry has a problem; single use culture and fast fashion are incredibly wasteful. Here at The RE Store we had a vision of a community in which people valued sustainably built goods. Instead of waiting around for a solution, we created Revision Division – a design / build laboratory and testing facility to craft gorgeous, durable products made from reclaimed materials.

Since 2011, we have crafted hundreds of individually designed pieces of functional furnishings out of reclaimed components from the store in our reclaimed building material center. We are passionate about promoting the practices of sustainability and enjoy inspiring others and giving back to our community through our work.

Our designers, Matt and David, each have their own style. Matt prefers to work in metal, draws inspiration from Danish mid-century modern stylings, and is a fan of industrial design from the last century. David’s style harkens back to the functional woodworking of the early 1900s, when functionality drove design. He enjoys replicating the patina often found on older wooden furniture and can often be found studying the construction of pieces from a bygone era. Together, they inspire our community to DIY and work to change the perception of waste.

To see examples of products we've created in the past, visit our photo gallery