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MetroPaint is a great choice if you have a big painting project and need color consistency through more than 5 gallons of paint.

Made by our friends at the Oregon Metro in Portland, OR, MetroPaint is made from professionally recycled latex paint. MetroPaint goes through a strict color-matching process to ensure the colors are consistent from one gallon to the next. All colors in the palette are considered to be a low sheen (a step above a flat).

MetroPaint is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It includes mold and fungus inhibitors and has a five-year limited warranty through MetroPaint. It rolls, brushes and sprays on smoothly for thick, rich coverage – often achieved in just one coat. 

We stock 12 colors with 5 others available through special order for $16 gal/$80 5-gal. For more info about MetroPaint, visit their website.

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